About Us

Welcome To BBGS

BBGS Urban X Kids Apparel is for the Kings and Queens of the playground.

“My absolute loves of my life inspired me to do this.

I am blessed to do something each day I absolutely love thanks to all you amazing Legends.

It all started when my first born Zion, who is now 6 was born. I was constantly sourcing apparel no one had for him and it started from there.

My sons are always getting complimented on their outfits, Every city we visit and country we go to we get asked where our boys clothes are from and that is how BBGS Urban X Kids Apparel came about, I realized so many people were after these same gears but just didn’t know were to get them.

I decided to put all the brands we love so much as well as some of our own custom designs into one apparel store just for you and your Kings and Queens.

Our brands we stock are sourced internationally and many are also proudly Australian.

I am fully aware of all budgets so we always try our best to have pieces for all budgets as I know to well our little ones are only small for a short time.

I am a big fan of urban street styles, with a vision of LA & European fashion.

I am huge on what is practical, washes and wears well, long lasting and of course comfortable and I will not bring you anything I too wouldn’t put my own sons in.

Inspired on sourcing apparel for you that no one else has we do tend to sell out but I refuse to bulk sell anything, We want to stay unique and keep our pieces limited.

Because of this we always have new arrivals landing.

We encourage individuality and we just love seeing your little ones expressing themselves as unique little individuals in our gears.

Nothing makes us happier than going places and seeing your Kings and Queens looking lit in exclusive pieces from our store.

Thank you to my mains – My inspiration for everything, My beautiful Kings Zion and Shaquil along with my Fiance my No.1 rider Rongo for your ongoing support, love, encouragement and believing in my vision even when I doubted myself at times.

I am truly blessed with my family’s belief and all of your support BBGS Urban X Kids is still here today bigger than ever with stores in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s true dreams are for real

Be Blessed

Thanks for the love You all are amazing!”

xx Angelina